Friday, 13 February 2015

Miss Dent Would like to thanks everyone for their kind wishes and lovely cards and gifts, it has been a true pleasure teaching the Gruffalos, they will be really missed and look forward to introducing them to the new baby.
I look forward to hearing the fantastic things your are doing with Mrs Ranner and Mrs Halford. 

And our winners are......

Chatterbox Challenge - Elves and Fairies

Chatterbox Challenge

We are amazed by the 70+ parents that attended our Showtime and Chatterbox Challenge this morning.
We are pleased to announce we raised £77.17 towards the Chatterbox charity that support with children with speech and language.
You can all have a WHOOSH!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Our value of the week.

We are very proud!

Following our successful 'Writer of the day!'
This week we have started 'mathematician of the week' 
Each week we have a maths challenge, along side this we are looking at the activities the children chose to do during freeflow each day. From these we will chose a 'Mathematician of the week'
This week is Oscar for counting.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

This week in Foundation we have been thinking about the value of... trying our best, keeping on trying and achieving!

Today Jupp decided to do his challenges build a tower of 10 blocks, write his name and sequence his pizza making. Unfortunately Jupp didn't try his best and the Foundation children decided he had better try again! This time he did a much better job, trying hard and completing his challenges.
Well done Jupp we were very proud of you trying your best!

Fun in the last!