Friday, 22 May 2015


We have had a major incident this week in Foundation. Elsa's evil Aunt stole all our puppets!
We had to make our own capes so we could dress up as superheroes (so she wouldn't recognise us!) and find clues around school. On Thursday we found all our puppets, but some of our toys had been frozen. We had to get them out of the ice.

People Who Help Us

As part of our on going topic this half term, we had a visit from the Firefighters this week.
They told us all about smoke detectors and how important they are. We practiced how to 
The best bit of all was getting to see the fire engine and we even got to squirt the fire hose.

Yorkshire Wildlife Visit

We have had a visit from Harriot from the Yorkshire Wildlife. She told us all about the insects we can find in our garden. We didn't know there was so many!
She told us some interesting facts.....
That bees talk to their friends by wiggling their bottoms!
Ladybirds smell with their feet!
And Spiders have 8 eyes!
We went on a bug hunt round our garden, and were amazed at what we found.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Not just any ordinary shed!'s a Superhero Gallery!

Playtime with Year 6

Our Year 6 children have been working hard all week with their SATS. We thought it might be nice if we invited them for a play with juice and biscuits!
We wrote them invitations on Wednesday and the came this afternoon. 
A good time was had by all!

Thursday, 14 May 2015


This week we have been thinking about Superheroes. We have talked about what they look like, what powers they have, what they do, how they move, how they dress etc 
Lots of the children have continued this in their free flow time, it's lovely to see them so excited with their ideas!

Writer of the week

This weeks writer is Lexi. She wrote all about her birthday party in her diary, even sounding out 'swings' correctly. She even got a sticker after showing it to Mrs Burrows.
Well done Lexi.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Space, shape and measure meeting

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Space, shape and measure meeting last week. If you weren't able to attend please take a look, at the board in the entrance where there is some information we covered in the meeting.

Bad choices!

Last week Peter and Jupp made very bad choices, in our family groups we had to remind them of our Golden rules